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We require a wide range of services and goods from third party
service providers to support our activities and operations.

Registration and Prequalification
Contractors, Consultants, Suppliers or Vendors (“Vendors”) interested in conducting business with Waltersmith are required to undergo a Vendor Registration and Prequalification process on this platform.

Please note that this is a preliminary prequalification process and prior to issuing tenders, further enquiries may be required.

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Below are some documents we'll require. Kindly ensure they are current/valid.

Certificate of Incorporation/Registration CAC 2 (Statement of Allotment of Shares) MEMAT CAC 7 (Schedule of Directors) NURC(DPR) License (Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission)
Other licenses/certificates required to perform your scope of services:
NCDMB Certificates - NOGIC JQS (Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Joint Qualification System)
Company profile to include work history with some evidence, organizational structure, CVs of key personnel Tax Clearance Certificate VAT certificate COREN Certificate NCEC (Nigerian Content Equipment Certificate)
Please note the following:

A registered status is not a confirmation of an award of contract nor a confirmation that any Vendor will be included in any tender process.

Whilst Waltersmith has put in place measures to protect all data, by entering your business information on this portal, you indemnify Waltersmith for any and all illegal transmission of data, losses, damages, liabilities, claims or expenses arising from or connected with unauthorised access and/or misuse of your business information supplied herein, howsoever caused.

Vendors may be deregistered on the following grounds:

Falsification of documents Other unethical reasons directly or indirectly related to job performance Breach of tendering process Breach of contract Vendor has requested to be deregistered